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Ancestors Legacy - GOG slight delay

Hi guys,

we are very sorry to announce that we have some bad news. We are still working hard on the GOG build which means that we will not deliver the game to you today but will soon!

Stay tuned and thank you for your trust!

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OMNIBION WAR is shooting its way to PC!

1C introduces Omnibion War, a frantic 3D shoot ‘em up sci-fi action inspired by mecha anime. To be released on Windows PC via SteamTM and other digital stores soon, Omnibion War is under development by independent developer Crazy Bullet Studio from Chile.

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It’s time for The Watchmaker!

1C is pleased to announce that The Watchmaker has been released today. The steampunk puzzle-adventure game, developed by Micropsia Games, that takes place in a giant clock tower is now available on SteamTM and other online stores. A new launch trailer accompanies the release and takes us deeper into the world of The Watchmaker.

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