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Ancestors Legacy adds Tobii eye tracking support!

1C is proud to announce that Ancestors Legacy, the upcoming history-inspired squad-based real-time strategy developed by Destructive Creations, has added eye tracking support to its feature list. Teaming up with Tobii Gaming, experts in both flat-screen and VR tracking of user sightlines and related gear, the game’s developers now offer three new ways for users to move the in-game camera. All three are implemented in the PC Beta version as of now, and will be available in the final game right from its release on 22 May 2018.

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SPACE RANGERS LEGACY Available for iOS and Android

1C Company is excited to announce the release of the legendary role-playing space game SPACE RANGERS LEGACY for mobile and tablet – iOS (iPhone) and Android.

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1C is proud to announce that Realpolitiks: New Power has been released today. This first DLC for the original streamlined real-time grand strategy game Realpolitiks, developed by Jujubee S.A., expands the players’ options as well as reflects some of the current events on the geopolitical scene and trends in contemporary political movements. The DLC is available on SteamTM and other digital stores as a separate product, or bundled with the base game.

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