Lantern out now!

1C will help you achieve a high level of relaxation. To counteract the upcoming grey winter and to spread positive energy, joy and color, Lantern will be lit on November 15th. Distributed through SteamTM and other digital outlets, the relaxing game experience of Lantern is ready to engulf you in a tranquil atmosphere and ease your mind. The whole family can enjoy its landscapes, rich with colors and ambient East Asian Soundtrack.

Both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners will have the extra benefit of experiencing Lantern in VR.
The release of Lantern is accompanied by a contest for Lantern SteamTM keys and many other games from 1C. Take some happy photos, add a lantern, post them on our Facebook page and win!
Press are welcome to request Lantern preview and review keys, which will be available soon.