Majesty 2 – The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Announced

1C Company's internal studio 1C:Ino-Co, the developers of renowned Fantasy Wars, is now working on a Majesty sequel which is scheduled for release next year. Majesty 2 – The Fantasy Kingdom Sim will focus on reinventing many aspects of the original game while bringing the brand into the 21st Century. A key element that will permeate the game is the charming atmosphere and sense of humor of the original Majesty.

"It’s the height of any developers dream to work with such a cherished AAA product with so many fans worldwide and such a unique position in the gaming industry", said Alexey Kozyrev, CEO 1C:Ino-Co. "As a team we have reached the level of skills and acknowledgement on the international arena to be worthy of such a task." Majesty 2 – The Fantasy Kindom Sim is scheduled for release during Q1 2009 for the PC platform. Confirmation of other platforms will be announced at a later stage. The game will be published by Paradox Interactive. Majesty the game has sold millions of copies worldwide and made true believers out of a whole generation of RTS gamers. Paradox Interactive and 1C:Ino-Co studios are now teaming up for the sequel in this beloved series.