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The Watchmaker is coming to PC and consoles!

1C is pleased to announce that it will be publishing The Watchmaker. Developed by Micropsia Games, The Watchmaker is a puzzle-adventure to be released on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q2 2017. A playable build will be available and presented at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne this August.

The Watchmaker takes place inside a giant clock tower, full of gears and platforms, where time is an essential resource. Within the strong steampunk atmosphere of the clock tower, an unusual tale unwinds. The main character is Alexander, a keeper of the clock tower, who realizes one day that his precious clock has been sabotaged, making time run wild.

Gameplay in The Watchmaker illustrates the collapse of time through a unique mechanism, in which the health of the main character is indicated by his age. Alexander ages extremely quickly, as if suffering from a strange disease, his enemies’ attacks further accelerating this process. And so instead of collecting medkits, Alexander collects time to regenerate his youth. The entire aging process is elaborately animated and reflected in the character’s face, posture and movements.

Trying to avoid the ultimate end that old age brings, players must guide Alexander through the clock tower. Exploring its environment full of intricate puzzles that need solving, and enemies to be defeated, Alexander must uncover secret after secret, to finally unravel the mystery of The Watchmaker...

About the game

In The Watchmaker, a puzzle-adventure game, players take on the role of Alexander. In his steampunk world of giant clock mechanisms, Alexander’s routine involves repairing his precious clock tower every day, adjusting its mechanisms, oiling the gears and polishing everything down to the smallest piece. For years, this is the only life he has known.

But one day Alexander is awakened by a mysterious voice. This disembodied voice alerts him that something has gone wrong: someone, some unknown being, has sabotaged his beautiful tower. With the clock not working properly, time has gone mad. Consequently, Alexander starts ageing abnormally quickly, leaving him only a handful of time to repair the damage.

Guided by the mysterious voice and armed with a magnetic glove and a bag of time bombs, he must search the halls and arcades of the tower in search of the saboteur. Various obstacles, enemies and riddles buried in the clock’s intricate mechanisms stand in his way. But Alexander must push on to save the clock and restore time to its natural rhythm, all while gradually uncovering the mysteries of the tower and its even stranger past.

- Steampunk puzzle-adventure set in 5 extensive locations
- Diverse gameplay, with a mix of exploration, puzzles, platforming action and boss fights
- Environmental puzzles and special gadgets to solve them, such as magnetic gloves and time bombs
- Unique ageing process that replaces the usual health bar

Unknown Fate coming to PC and consoles

1C is thrilled to announce that it will be publishing Unknown Fate. This mysterious story-driven first person adventure, under development by MarsLit Games, is scheduled for release in Q3 2017 for Windows PC with VR support, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. A sneak peek will be available at Gamescom this August.

Set off on an amazing journey through Unknown Fate. Passing seamlessly from the real world into a surreal universe you’ll come across strange characters and unfamiliar artifacts.

Engulfed in mystery, you’ll take cautious steps deep into the unknown, only to have your mind swept away by yet more questions, nibbling at your grasp of what you think is real and true – your certainties will start to crumble.
With no way back and a strong urge for answers beating in your temples, you push on, striving to get   grip on the odd difficulties surrounding you, eagerly awaiting the moment your mind will be untangled when the thread of your journey finally unravels all the way. But there is some way yet to go…

“Soon you will have all the answers to your questions. But you still have so much to see…”

Stay tuned.

Quantum Replica coming to PC and consoles!

1C is happy to announce it will be publishing Quantum Replica. This mix of fast-paced stealth and metroidvania action, developed by ON3D Studios, is scheduled for release in Q1 2017 for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) via SteamTM and other online stores, and in Q2 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. The game will also be presented at Gamescom this August.

In Quantum Replica you’ll use your ability to manipulate time to hide and stealthily explore a sealed-off cyberpunk metropolis. Discover your true identity and why you’re a hunted intruder in a city of registered citizens. ‘Time is of the essence’ takes on a new meaning as you bend and twist time to create hiding places and eliminate enemies.

“Working on Quantum Replica is a challenge, because our game location and atmosphere were inspired by some of the great works of movie and gaming history. We’re crafting a specific feel for the game while injecting new ideas into it, mainly into the gameplay mechanics. Seeing the two come together is very rewarding.” – Jaime Castilla, ON3D Studios.

About the game

The cities of the world have grown into enormous metropolitan areas. To keep control of the ever-expanding population and the running of the biggest of these huge new city-jungles, the government has sealed it off completely. Each living soul in the city is a registered citizen, whose every step is watched over and directed by an Artificial Intelligence hive in charge of the city’s functioning.

In Quantum Replica, you are an intruder – an unknown, unregistered entity who has somehow managed to enter the cyberpunk heart of this sprawling megacity. But with no memory of your past or your future goals, and immediately made Most Wanted by its security forces, your urge to explore the city in search of answers will be far from easy.

With nowhere to hide, your only refuge is time itself. Manipulate time to evade the all-seeing eyes of the city’s omnipresent AI and shake off the guards chasing you. While exploring the city and looking for clues about your existence, you’ll discover various time-manipulation abilities to master. Move quickly and undetected in the shadow of time, appearing from nowhere to take down the guards! Use your hacking skills to gain access to further parts of the city and finally discover who you are, and why you’re there...

- Fast-paced stealth action gameplay
- Metroidvania – exploration with many secrets to discover
- Vast cyberpunk city with 5 distinct zones
- Learn fascinating  time-manipulating abilities by defeating powerful bosses

Game Information
Platform: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac), PS4, Xbox One
Publisher: 1C Company
Developer: ON3D Studios
Release date: Q1 2017 – PC (Windows, Linux, Mac), Q2 2017 – PS4, Xbox One

SHINY is coming to PC and Xbox One!

1C is happy to announce SHINY – an action platformer for everyone. Developed by independent developer Garage227 Studios, SHINY will be coming to Windows PC and Xbox One on 31st August 2016. It will also be presented at the forthcoming Gamescom.

Shiny is set on a planet heading for its doom, where fleeing humans left behind their robot workers. Controlling the steps of Kramer 227, players must make every effort to save all of his robot friends while exploring action-packed levels and testing their platformer skills and reflexes. A vital part of the gameplay is managing Kramer’s energy and making use of power-ups along the way. Only a properly charged robot can make it to the end and save the remaining mechanical inhabitants of Aurora!

About the game

SHINY – Robots can have a heart!

Left to fend for himself after mankind abandoned the doomed planet Aurora, robot Kramer 227 must find a way to harvest energy and rescue his robotic friends before Aurora crashes into its sun. In his journey, Kramer will probe the planet itself and overcome challenging obstacles, all while trying to conserve his limited life energy to power himself and his friends on their way to safety.

Kramer will gather and share energy with his fellow robots, helping them escape dire situations and predicaments. He will have to jump and explore every platform in every corner of the 20 extensive levels to find all of his friends. Energy is running low on Aurora, so Kramer will have to collect batteries or use generators to recharge, as every action drains his power. Various power-ups collected along the way, such as jetpacks, energy spheres and temperature regulators, can help him on this crucial journey.
Shiny is about saving lives, so it contains no blood or violence.

Enjoy non-violent, platforming action.

- Explore 20 extensive levels.
- Manage your energy levels – the robots’ source of life!
- Make use of cool power-ups found along the way.

Haimrik is coming to PC!

1C will make you weigh your words with Haimrik – a game with a new approach to the action adventure genre.  Developed by independent developer Below the Game, Haimrik will be coming to Windows PC in 2017 via Steam TM. You can also look forward to seeing it presented at the forthcoming Gamescom in Cologne this August.

Taking place in medieval times, the story of Haimrik places a new emphasis on words. They not only supply the narrative for the story, but also give the main character, a young boy named Haimrik, the means to progress on his difficult journey. He practically walks on words, activating some of them and turning them into physical objects. For example, if ‘fire’ burns him to a crisp, then ‘water’ can help him deal with it.

The funny but dangerous adventures of Haimrik and his eccentric friends also often color their monochrome game world with blood. Haimrik’s dark humor and unique gameplay will appeal to anyone who likes... well, dark humor and unique gameplay!

About the game

This unique action adventure game lets you become Haimrik, a young scribe trying to make a living in a medieval town full of warriors, sorcerers, dragons and dragon-riding sorcerer-warriors. But one book changes his whole life. With the help of Masamba, a hungry lioness who will protect him while constantly trying to eat him, he’ll venture out to take on the evil king and his elite generals, the Word Warriors.

Fortunately, Haimrik commands the Power of the Words! These are the stones in the path Haimrik walks, and he brings them to life as he steps on each one, willingly or not. Haimrik will need to activate the right words to defeat the various enemies that challenge him across numerous Word Worlds, with new puzzles appearing constantly throughout the game.

In an added touch, Haimrik will undoubtedly die many horrific deaths, leaving pools of red blood contrasting with the otherwise plain sepia-toned world.

Be part of a medieval revolution against the Word King and his elite warriors, and change the way you see words and stories forever.
  • Unique action adventure built upon interactive words.
  • Medieval comedy full of dark humor and over-the-top cartoon violence.
  • Rare sepia-toned view of a medieval fantasy world.
  • Eccentric characters to meet and adventure with, like the lioness Masamba who will protect Haimrik from harm... when she’s not trying to eat him.

Lantern coming to PC!

Lantern will be released on PC in November 2016, with support for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, allowing players to further immerse themselves in its unique environment.

The lyrical story of Lantern takes us to an imaginary world, inspired by East Asian nature and architecture. A sad princess has spread a veil of anguish over the land, and all of the color and life has been drained away. But joy and love are slowly finding their way back, through a magical Red Lantern that roams the lands, gradually ridding them of sorrow and dreariness. The players’ task is to guide the lantern through the environment, spreading color and joy to everything in its path.

About the game

“Once upon a time, there was a very sad princess. She felt so unloved and unhappy that everything around her became grey and lifeless, and the entire land was deprived of color and joy. Our fable begins when a single, lonely lantern was lit in a faraway village…”
Be the wind and guide a beautiful sky lantern that spreads the powerful message of everlasting love, bringing life and color back to the world around you. Enjoy four beautiful East Asian-inspired worlds, each with a different theme, nature and architecture. Fly the magical red lantern as it spreads vibrant, happy colors throughout these sad, grey lands.

The influence of the lantern’s light not only changes the color of the world, but also has various other effects, such as igniting other lamps, restoring animals to life, and making windmills start spinning. Ultimately success will come once the kingdom is full of color and happiness has returned to the land.

Bring the powerful message of everlasting love to four East Asian-inspired worlds
Create wonderful lantern festivals, spreading warmth and joy
Restful music and peaceful sounds will accompany you on your journey
Immerse yourself in a relaxing experience – a virtual coloring book with an aesthetic atmosphere
Virtual Reality support (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive)

Game Information

Platform: PC
Publisher: 1C Company
Developer: Storm in a Teacup
Release date: November 2016

Through the Woods will scare you to death in October!

This award-winning third-person Norse horror adventure is scheduled for PC release in October 2016.

The game immerses the player in the dark, mysterious atmosphere of a deep forest, lit only by the moon and a hand torch, in which fear and uncertainty are fed by darkness. Based on their own experiences in the wild, the creative minds at independent Norwegian game studio Antagonist have created a realistic – but supremely eerie – game environment, spiced up with a thrilling story and dangerous mythological creatures.

About the game

Through the Woods is a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shores of Norway that tells the story of a mother and her missing son. Through reactive narration, the player experiences the mother’s re-telling of the events surrounding her son’s disappearance. Players follow the path of a terrified woman who has forced herself to enter this terrible place for the sole purpose of finding her son, in a setting heavily influenced by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

With Through the Woods, Antagonist have captured the feeling of the forest as they saw it as children, with all the fear and mystery that comes from roaming through it alone. This is coupled with a powerful story and high quality sound design, which in the darkness of the forest becomes a core mechanic. Through the Woods is a profound experience that directly delivers the feelings of loneliness and loss in a terrifying place...

  • Explore stunning environments and experience stories inspired by Norse mythology, Norwegian art and nature
  • Uncover dark tales of the past and present through reactive narration
  • Creative use of light and darkness generate deceptive environments
  • A frightening journey, accompanied by grim, beautiful sound design

Pengame coming to PC and consoles!

1C Company is happy to announce that Pengame, an action-platformer with a unique, completely hand-drawn aesthetic style, is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Take on dozens of enemies utilising everything in your arsenal – ranged and melee weapons, special powers, acrobatic skills and even time manipulating abilities. Keep the combat fluid, don’t get hit, and murder everything that gets between you and your goal!

Play as Stickman, the chosen one, hero of the notebook, and the true king of England. Everybody calls him #5, but don’t worry about the formalities! Fight your way through the notebook of a 16-year-old student, who made the mistake of drawing the most evil thing in the universe: The Teacher! Defeat her, before the corruption consumes everything in the book!


  • Story-driven campaign with full voice acting and multiple endings
  • All hand-drawn graphics, everything animated frame by frame
  • Fight more than 50 different enemy types in huge semi-linear levels
  • Skill based acrobatic combat system with cool weapon upgrades
  • 4 intensive arcade game modes

BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition Announced!

1C is thrilled to announce that Windows, Mac and Linux versions of BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition will be released globally on June 15th 2016, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will follow later in 2016.

BLACKHOLE is an award-winning hardcore 2D platformer with more than 15 hours of story-driven sci-fi comedy and gravity-twisting puzzles. The game features over 90 levels, fully voiced audio, an original soundtrack and pixel perfect controls.

Challenge Vault is a new, competitive DLC for BLACKHOLE with 15 new speedrunning levels and online leaderboards. Challenge Vault will be released along with the Complete Edition on June 15th as a free expansion.


Take everything you have experienced to the next level! Enter the Challenge Vault, a special simulation for Endera agents. Select your favourite character and beat the time records set by other players in this brand new online mode. For 15 weeks, you will get access to 15 new and exclusive levels full of action. Be the fastest and become the King of the Vault in the online tournament mode.


• 15 new levels designed for speedruns
• 8 characters to choose from
• New soundtrack composed exclusively for Challenge Vault
• New leaderboard system for story levels
• Free for everyone!


BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition is the ultimate compilation of the hardcore 2D platformer, all its DLCs and plenty of bonus materials.

The package includes:

• Fully updated BLACKHOLE
• 3 pieces of DLC (Testing Laboratory, Secret of the Entity and Challenge Vault)
• Over 130 levels, including 10 new insanely difficult locations
• Digital artbook, soundtrack, developer diaries, playable prototype of the game, printable hi-resolution artworks and more!

BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition will be available through the official Steam Store page: app/322680/ on June 15th 2016.

Infinium Strike release date announced!

We are happy to announce that 1C will release Infinium Strike, a highly anticipated tower defense game, globally on 14th July 2016.


The year was 2170. Colony after colony has fallen to the seemingly limitless invasion force of the enigmatic organic ships. Whole armadas of Earth's TSF fighters have been decimated. Our last hope lies with Freedom Strike, a massive Ares-Class Battlecarrier, fitted with changeable turrets and a specialized drone fleet, and designed for one goal: to kill the Wrog and save our species.


  • Full story campaign with four levels of difficulty
  • Deep space endless arcade mode with high score leaderboard
  • Wide variety of tactics using towers, ships and TDF SuperTech abili@es
  • Immersive, realistic 3D graphics
  • Build your career from an Ensign to an Admiral

Game trailer:
Game website:
Steam Product Page and demo download: