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Fantasy Wars US Tournament

1C Company starts the US tournament dedicated to the new award-winning game Fantasy Wars. The tournament begins at midnight, December 3, 2007 and ends at midnight, January 21, 2008.

1C Company starts the US tournament dedicated to the new award-winning game Fantasy Wars. The tournament begins at midnight, December 3, 2007 and ends at midnight, January 21, 2008.

Participate in the tournament and win a unique painted Cosmos 1000 case with original Fantasy Wars artwork! Simply beat the "The King and the General" level in the fewest moves. 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive stylish T-Shirts and a copy of one of the 1C’s recent releases.

Find out more information and read the rules of Fantasy Wars tournament here.

Game Over Reviews Death To Spies

Death to Spies scored 78 out of 100% on Game Over Online. "In the 10-mission campaign that comes with Death to Spies, you get to visit some expected locations, like a prison camp where you need to rescue a captured soldier, and a military compound where you have to assassinate three enemy captains, but there are some oddities, too", says the review.

"In many ways, Death to Spies plays like the Commandos games from a few years ago. Although it’s given to you as an option, you can’t really just shoot your way through the missions."

You can read the full review here.

Death to Spies: From Russia with Intelligence!

Death to Spies scored 8/10 on "In Death to Spies, you play the role of a World War II Soviet counterintelligence agent whose assignment is to infiltrate the Nazi machine and wreak as much havoc as possible from within", says the review.

"From a presentation standpoint, Death to Spies is nothing if not atmospheric. Horrifically difficult at times, the game is nevertheless always interesting and wholly addictive." You can read the full text on Death to Spies here.

1C Publishing EU Brings Oniblade

1C Publishing EU brings the first anime-style action game developed in Russia to certain markets, primarily in Europe.

Long-long ago, in the times which may only the Earth and the Sun remember, the universe was governed by two divine creatures, who were worshipped and iconized. But has there been someone more powerful? Someone powerful enough to curse one of them…

Oniblade is the nickname of our young heroine. It might have been given to her because of the weapons she carries, or simply thanks to the fierceness she fights with - “Oni” is a “demon” in Japanese. After finding a map which shows the way to an abandoned temple, Oniblade sets on her way that eventually stirs up an ancient war between good and evil, between The Light One and The Dark One - the two creatures that used to be brothers until their fight for supremacy divided them. Now the outcome of this war is in Oniblade’s hands. Will she be able to overcome the curse and the terrors of hell that are waiting for her and the whole world at once?

This intense anime action is now brought by 1C Publishing EU to certain markets primarily in Europe. The first anime-style game developed in Russia by Gaijin Entertainment is not only chock-full of action, it also brings RPG elements, over twenty deadly weapons and lethal spells to counter various enemies in many visually stunning extensive locations throughout an astonishing fantasy universe.

For more info go to the Oniblade page or Read the full text in the Press Release

Fantasy Wars In-depth Interview

RPG Vault published an in-depth interview with Alexey Kozyrev, the leader of 1C: Ino-Co team – developers of Fantasy Wars strategy. You can read the interview and see exclusive screenshots from Fantasy Wars here.

1C Company Acquires Akella’s In-house Development Studio!

1C Company, the leading Eastern and Central European publisher, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Akella’s “Sea Dog” in-house development studio.

The Sea Dog team is comprised of experienced developers who contributed to the creation of such hits as Sea Dogs, Pirates of the Caribbean and Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. Within Akella, this development studio has become one of the few Russian teams successfully developing games for the Xbox and Xbox 360.

The team is currently working on the Age of Pirates: Captain Blood project that will be released on PC and Xbox 360. The acquisition of Akella’s development studio is another step to build upon 1C’s status as a leading developer and publisher of entertainment software.

Once the current project is completed, 1C’s newly acquired studio will develop a wide range of innovative titles for multiple game platforms. According to the agreement between 1C and Akella, Akella has acquired the worldwide publishing rights to PT Boats: Knights of the Sea.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is a breakthrough action simulation featuring torpedo boats in World War II. Akella was previously developing the title when 1C was a co-publisher and investor. This title has approached a closing stage of its development and has recently been successfully presented at NVIDIA’s Editor’s Day as a next-gen technology product. It will become the first Russian title to be released in both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10. PT Boats: Knights of the Sea makes a successful contribution to keeping Akella’s traditions as a leading naval game developer alive. It is destined to become one more hit in Akella’s top lineup of products.

The successful series of pirates titles will be continued by another of Akella’s studios and a new announcement will follow shortly.

Fantasy Wars Diary #2

RPG Vault published the second part of Fantasy Wars Developer Diary.

This time it covers multiplayer, localization and other aspects of the game. For example - receiving the Best Strategy 2007 Award at KRI 2007 (Russian Game Developers Conference). Click here to read the diary and view exclusive screenshots and photos from the 1C: Ino-Co development studio.

The Tomorrow War Interview

Polish game website Gry.02.Pl has published an interview with Yury Nekrasov, the leader of Crioland – developers of the space sim The Tomorrow War

The article covers such topics as gameplay, storyline, combat system, locations and many others. Please read the full interview in English and Polish here

Theatre of War became one of the year's best PC games

French game magazine PC4War published a full-length eight-page material dedicated to real-time strategy Theatre of  War.

Giving the opportunity of a new vision of World War II Theatre of War is named one of the best PC games of 2007 and received 8.5 out of 10. PC4War also made a tactical guide dedicated to Theatre of War. Read more about Theatre of War in the October issue of PC4War (#29).

Cryostasis: the Sleep of Reason Preview

Hooked Gamers published a preview based on the live build of Cryostasis: the Sleep of Reason. The game is described like a sci-fi / horror FPS with an intriguing psychic twist, set almost forty years ago, in 1968 in the Arctic Circle.
Read full preview on Cryostasis: the Sleep of Reason here.