The First Luntik iOs App is Released

1C Company is thrilled to announce the release of the first international game on the iPhone® and the iPad® starring Luntik. Luntik Colors the World is an App designed by child development experts to stimulate young minds and teach them about colors and shapes.

1C, working with the producers of the cartoon, created a series of Apps to help children learn through play. These new educational games for the Apple® iOS platforms have fun and learning built-in with the help of professional child development experts. In Luntik Colors the World aspiring young artists will work with Luntik and his friends, to learn to paint numerous different pictures, while memorizing the names of colors and shapes. They will also help Luntik solve funny puzzles and understand the basics of mixing colors and making mosaics.
Most importantly if a child can’t figure out a problem, the characters will give them an easier one to help them learn. Easy controls and a friendly voice will help kids to quickly familiarize themselves with the game world and complete lessons independently, cultivating a sense of accomplishment.
More information on the game is available at the brand new website along with images of the characters and their descriptions. The website can be found at
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