Theatre of War Patch ver. released

Theatre of War 845 Megabyte sized free patch can be downloaded from here. This patch only works for "Theatre of War" version distributed by Kalypso. Map editor and mission-campaign editor are included in this patch, apart from other new features.

New Components:

  • Map Editor with total capabilities of editing landscapes, roads, elevations, full object placement and more.
  • Mission-Campaign Editor (improved for multiplayer missions and can be used in tandem with the new Battle Generator).
  • Battle Generator (allows for easy creation of single and multiplayer missions with a minimum of effort).
  • New Internet Game Browser functionality available from within the game (shows all currently hosted games on the internet and allows you to join them).
New Missions:
  • New "Behind enemy lines" single player mission
Multiplayer Gameplay Changes:
  • Countdown (time limited) missions added.
  • Attack/Defense missions added.
  • Added ability to play with both Human and AI controlled enemies.
  • Added ability to select different "alliances" in the attack and defense areas.
  • 11 Multiplayer missions added.
  • Troop selection system changed. Now you can choose different units from a list of up to 20 different pre-assigned "armies" (force pools) instead of only getting one set of unites per side for each nation.
  • 11 new Multiplayer maps added.
  • Automatic attack or defense behavior introduced for the AI forces (when using the Battle Generator to make new battles).
  • Now the player can play against several different AI's in multiplayer mode.
  • Indicator of area selection introduced for a selected army.
  • Loading and execution of multiplayer missions stabilized.
  • Loading time reduced for multiplayer missions.
  • Improved functions of the "Smooth Unit movement" option on client PC's during multiplayer games for less lag.
  • Other known errors fixed.
General Changes:
  • Line of Sight system upgraded: Line of sight is now affected in a more realistic fashion by objects such as small shrubs, tree trunks and leaves among many other elements.
  • Line of Sight tool implemented when giving "Attack", "Assault" and "Area Fire" commands. Green line indicates a clear area with unobstructed line of sight where the flora does not hinder fire; a red line shows an area of good sight without serious (but some) blockage; while a black line indicates places your units can’t see at all.
  • Difficulty level system changed. At NOVICE level, the precision of enemy fire and damage inflicted by AI units were reduced slightly from previous levels. At the REGULAR level, your troops do not differ at all from the AI units and at VETERAN levels, the enemy units benefit from increased precision.
  • All missions were modified to account for the newer Line of Sight system.
  • An error related to the reloading of small arms fixed. Small arms can now be reloaded from all postures.
  • An error related to uncontrollable coaxial machine-gun after breakdown of main weapon fixed.
  • Non-destroyable coaxial machine-guns error fixed.
  • Guidance system considering movement of object changed.
  • Damage calculation system changed for impacts of rounds with base detonating fuses.
  • Secondary damage calculation system updated.
  • Errors related to game objects fixed.
  • Size of Daimler Mk I and animation of its crew changed.
  • Crew of Is-2 reduced to 4 men.
  • Calculation of commander cupola hits modified.
  • Some material of vehicles and other additional components changed from armor steel to metal.
  • Gunnery damage pattern corrected.
  • Damage pattern changed for armor shields and additional parts of the vehicles.
  • Infantry ammunition load errors fixed.
  • Model of the DShK mounted machine-gun amended.
  • Vehicle burning time increased.
  • Dependence between aiming accuracy and Gunner skill (for gunnery) and Accuracy (for small arms) changed.
  • Freezing animations errors fixed.
  • Errors related to losses of detachments and combat units when progressing through a campaign fixed.
  • Infantry behavior in trenches improved.
  • Air support behavior improved.
  • Aiming at various parts of vehicles or infantry by AI-controlled combat units added.
  • An error with Wz.34 armored car fixed.
  • The game sound system has been improved and expanded (hear sounds further away and louder in some cases). Improved sounds.
  • Movements of the vehicles and infantry in defense improved.
  • Units are visible according to their reference data.
  • Difficulty of several missions was adjusted.
  • Some minor AI bugs corrected, various AI behavior changes to units implemented.
  • Fire sectors for combat snow mobile NKL-26 and Polish Vickers tank were changed.
  • M3A1 Halftrack now holds 10 passengers instead of 8.
  • Renault FT17 no more has coaxial MG (these tanks could only have a gun OR machinegun) and has plenty of HE shells (200, as stated in historical sources).
  • French light MG now uses 25 round clips instead of 200 round belts.
  • Better handling of the Reverse Command for vehicles, tanks, SPG's, armored cars and Artillery units.
  • Waypoints added for units (hold 'shift' key when issuing movement orders to place waypoints).
  • Units no longer stop when they receive a new order.
  • AI Targeting behavior tweaked so that they can better fire on Hull Down targets.
  • Fixed bug with the units boarding certain vehicles.
  • Fixed AT Guns not being able to have commands issued in some situations.
  • Game speed acceleration/deceleration feature added (accessed via the "Change time speed" hotkey currently).
  • Improvements to the gun towing process implemented.
  • Units now better at holding position when they are in defensive positions.
  • Uniforms for armies of different countries corrected.
  • The way the troops scatter in front of approaching vehicles changed.
  • Rank structure of different countries armies revised.
  • Many other corrections and improvements throughout the game.