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RPG Vault Focus: Russia

RPG Vault has published an interview with 1C's International Sales Director Nikolay Baryshnikov. The interview unveils many questions regarding present situation in the Russian gaming industry and the marketing focus of 1C Company. Read the interview in English here.

King's Bounty Game Soundtrack

Several musical themes from King's Bounty: The Legend are now available to download from the game's official site. Tracks capture the atmosphere from different locations and various game situations. You can find the tracks here. King's Bounty: The Legend is a top-selling and award-winning fantasy RPG with turn-based battle mode, which received an overall rating of more than 90% in major Russian specialized game media.

New 7.62 Interview published a detailed interview with the Apeiron team, developers of 7.62. 7.62 is a third-person view tactical strategy with many RPG elements and battle system that combines RTS dynamics with diverse opportunities of turn-based gameplay. Main character is a professional mercenary involved in the military conflict in an imaginary banana republic somewhere in Latin America. Please find the interview in English and Polish here.

Rig'n'Roll Video Interview

1C Company announces that the video interview with the members of SoftLab-Nsk – the developers of Rig'n'Roll , the highly-anticipated truck simulator, is now available for download. Many details of the game and the stages of its development are unveiled in the interview. The video is Russian with English subtitles. The Rig'n'Roll video interview is available for download from the game's official site here and from 1C Company official site here. You can also watch the streaming video at the 1C's channel on YouTube here.

Military Vehicles from Men of War

New eight screenshots from Men of War showing military vehicles, battle locations and landscapes are published in the Gallery of the game. You can find the screenshots and their detailed description here.

King's Bounty Multiply Success: Three New Reviews Published!

King's Bounty scored 90% and received the Editor's Choice Award in a 20-paged review in Best Computer Games magazine. "Incredibly charming game where not complicated rules come together with plenty opportunities, the story line parodies all the fantasy cliches ever, while the world lives its life and breathes. That is a true continuation of the legendary game unlike Heroes series and others", - says the first review.

King's Bounty also received 9.5 and the Editor's Choice Award on one of the biggest Russian internet portals - MAIL.RU. "No matter if you enjoy the mix of strategy and turn-base tactics you will fall in love with King's Bounty. This game is really what we were really missing so much", - says the article. Another high rank for King's Bounty came from IGRAY.RU website. The game scored 9 out of 10 in Russian. "Genius game that takes you in and will never let you go. Heroes V can't match it. Here in King's Bounty every battle is extremely interesting and there are heaps of tactical opportunities" - summarizes the review.

Avalon Style Licenses Unreal Engine 3

1C Company proudly announces that Avalon Style Entertainment, the developers of an off-road driving simulation 4x4 Hummer and one of Russia’s leading developers of interactive entertainment, today announced that it has licensed Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 to develop the latest installment in its popular “4x4 Off Road” off-road driving simulation series for PC, Xbox 360™ and PLAYSTATION®3. “4х4 Off Road III” (international title, “Off Road Drive”), will be published by 1C Company.

New Screenshots from Men of War

New set of screenshots from Men of War showing the mission in North Africa is published in the Gallery of the game. You can find the screenshots and their description here.

King's Bounty scores 93% on

King's Bounty: The Legend scored 93% and received the Editor's Choice Award on the top Russian gaming website "One will never want to leave from King's Bounty. It is impossible to spend just half an hour each day playing this game, because it takes you to bright fairy tale which is full of adventures. There were no such cozy and pleasant games for many years." You can find the whole review in Russian here.

Men of War: Screenshots in Action

Screenshots showing new features of Men of War are published in the Gallery of the game. You can find the pictures and their description here.