Jun 09, 2016

BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition Announced!

BLACKHOLE is an award-winning hardcore 2D platformer with more than 15 hours of story-driven sci-fi comedy and gravity-twisting puzzles. The game features over 90 levels, fully voiced audio, an original soundtrack and pixel perfect controls.

Challenge Vault is a new, competitive DLC for BLACKHOLE with 15 new speedrunning levels and online leaderboards. Challenge Vault will be released along with the Complete Edition on June 15th as a free expansion.


Take everything you have experienced to the next level! Enter the Challenge Vault, a special simulation for Endera agents. Select your favourite character and beat the time records set by other players in this brand new online mode. For 15 weeks, you will get access to 15 new and exclusive levels full of action. Be the fastest and become the King of the Vault in the online tournament mode.


• 15 new levels designed for speedruns
• 8 characters to choose from
• New soundtrack composed exclusively for Challenge Vault
• New leaderboard system for story levels
• Free for everyone!


BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition is the ultimate compilation of the hardcore 2D platformer, all its DLCs and plenty of bonus materials.

The package includes:

• Fully updated BLACKHOLE
• 3 pieces of DLC (Testing Laboratory, Secret of the Entity and Challenge Vault)
• Over 130 levels, including 10 new insanely difficult locations
• Digital artbook, soundtrack, developer diaries, playable prototype of the game, printable hi-resolution artworks and more!

BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition will be available through the official Steam Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/ app/322680/ on June 15th 2016.