May 04, 2017

Content update for REALPOLITIKS!

The update adds brand-new tasks and challenges to the game, expanding the list of events originating in Europe. Playing as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Austria, players will enjoy more political fiction and what-if scenarios based on actual political situations and historical facts. Within the 2020 scenario they can track the origin of San Escobar, the new Polish underwater colony in the Caribbean, and the worldwide diplomatic turmoil it creates. In other mini-scenarios, players will have to unite central European countries in order to create the Visegrad superpower and face the reborn Austrian Habsburg monarchy, or play for the Intermarium – a country competing with Russia for hegemony in Central and Eastern Europe.

Apart from new mini-scenarios, two new game features have been added: Culture conversion, and Renouncing territorial claims. The update also fixes known issues and fine-tunes Realpolitiks for a better, more optimized and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Realpolitiks is also coming soon to, where it will launch with the new content.