Jun 21, 2018

Update 0.6 aka "Monolithic Remnants" is out NOW!

Here is the changelog:

- Character level cap raised to 9. New abilities for levels 7-9 are available.
- New ship layouts.
- New enemies: Amoebas (Soulmorph, Rockmorph and Crystalmorph) and Tyrant.
- More quests
- Crew inventory size can be upgraded in the research workshop.
- New equipment extensions
- The name of the derelict you are currently exploring is now shown on the map.
- Added a tooltip to the XP bar on the character screen showing the current experience points and points needed for the next level.
- A combat log has been added. You can expand and browse the log during combat, and hover over the units or cards to see what happened.
- A codex is now available in the pause menu. This is still a work in progress, but you can browse the different card mechanics.
- You can access more detailed information about character classes and abilities when creating the crew.
- Two new trap types added.

- Game progression has been adjusted to throw stuff at you in more digestible portions - fewer ships are available to start with, but more are unlocked as soon as you find some location data.
- Some additional landing zones and hazard zones have been added to ship layouts.
- A trade window has been added for NPCs that have items for sale.
- Added a bit of animation to show newly unlocked ships on the starmap.
- When moving several tiles at a time, the movement animation gradually gets faster after a couple of tiles.
- The camera now tries to keep the crew icon visible when moving on the map, and you can scroll the map while moving.
- Combat UI changes: The energy display is now next to Boost and End Turn buttons, and the Retreat button has been moved to the left side.
- The card selector panel used for drawing or discarding cards is now more descriptive.
- Drawing cards due to an ability or other card is shown with a brief animation.
- Fast Deployment now moves the new unit to its correct place in the current round based on its initiative (or right after the owner, if the initiative is higher).
- You can click on equipment in the crew inventory to pin the item details to the screen and browse the cards. Click again to unfocus. Energy cells are now used with a double click.
- Unvisited derelicts are colored on the starmap screen according to their difficulty based on the crew level.
- Updated game settings UI to fit the overall style.
- Tracking Shot: Shot is 100% Accurate.
- Adding Evasion to Mark The Target card.
- Scrapper: Expert Tool User - ability to Team Preparation. Update Scrapper Manufacture to copy a card from hand. Add Adaptive Tactics -ability.

- Fixed Talk button being visible when a conversation was restarted without exiting the room.
- Fixed some equipment modifiers getting incorrect effect values when a status effect was also generated on the same item.
- Fixed a bug that could result in some "chance of X" equipment modifiers (elemental effects, ability lock, explosive shots and bleed) not working properly.
- Fixed combat bugs with the Leader/Distraction ability and a potential bug with Leader/Unrelenting.
- Fixed combat issues that could occur after loading a save in the middle of combat.
- Fixed an error that could happen when generating loot with the Fast Deployment modifier.
- Enemies aren't scared of loot tiles anymore and can move over them.
- Recharging Pulse. Prevent from freezing the combat.
- Use the death pose for units hit by Lethal attacks.
- Fixed Hazard Protection not working when trying to restore shields or health in radiated rooms.
- Fixed missing room graphics in locked tiles.
- Fixed a map generation bug where locked tiles could prevent progress in some situations.