Feb 27, 2014

King's Bounty: Armored Princess Released

Players can now take on the role of Princess Amelie as she travels around the world of Teana and searches for the renowned knight from the first game, Bill Gilbert. The world of King’s Bounty: Armored Princess is full of mysteries and dangers. The new character, the Princess, will encounter horrible creatures, huge monstrous bosses and a new race, the bloodthirsty Lizardmen. As in the multi-award winning 1st game, the player has many options to resist these new enemies. Various new skills and abilities, as well as her flying steed, will help her overcome the hordes attacking the kingdom. The Princess is also accompanied by a tamed dragon, at the very beginning it is small, but its abilities develop steadily until it becomes an incredible ally. The dragon will do its best to protect the Princess during the battles, starting with simple attacks and treasure hunting and finishing with fire breathing and volcano summoning. New features include: • New fascinating story-line and a whole new continent to explore • A new female character to play – Princess Amelie • Medals giving bonuses can be received for special achievements • Pet Dragon which becomes more powerful as the player does • New Lizardmen race • Possibility to turn your horse into a Pegasus which can fly • Fast travel between opened continents • Hire companions • Resurrection of the classic system of contracts and headhunting • Improved role playing system including more abilities and the chance to achieve level 50 and higher • Brand new spells and new Adventure Magic spell for game map • New unique bosses: Driller, Gremlin, Archdemon Baal and many others • New engine supporting the latest graphic effects