Feb 27, 2014

Men of War multiplayer beta test announced

From here you will need to post some details and shortly afterwards you will receive a private message with a unique CD-key, that will allow you to join the game once live and available for download. Features of the multiplayer part of the game:

  • Fully destructible environments - use newly formed tank shell craters as cover for your men.
  • Brand new physics and armor penetration system.
  • Each mission and battle plays out differently based on your tactical choices.
  • Over 100 accurately modeled tanks and vehicles ready for your command.
  • Realistic fog of war.
  • Smart AI searches for your men covered in bushes and calls for them for reinforcements. Also includes an all-new morale system.
  • Four different playable multiplayer nations!
  • Direct Control.
  • Up to 16 players via LAN or Network.
  • In game browser including ranked statistics.
  • Several well tested and intense game modes.
  • Cooperative game mode allows you to play through the campaigns with your friends.
  • NAT support, allows you to host games through routers.
  • Varied and challenging multiplayer maps.
  • Balanced settings - the smarter player, not the fastest wins the battle.